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ELO 2020

The virtual edition of ELO 2020 was a triumph for electronic literature practitioners in this Pandemic stricken world. The theme was (un)continuity and was originally scheduled to take place in Florida, in July 2020. SFBookDraft1 was part of the Performance Track, the journey into uncontinuity being a clear theme within the work. Thanks to all…


Two gods blow energy onto seated souls One feels the breeze, see his cap and coat The other is free, tanned and tee-shirted Mirrors onto their worlds show their minds. One is close, detailed, a conversation in focus. The other is open, fleeting


Tube Television, split by white and grey. Two benches, one dark, one light. White room Two windows, one to inside, one to outside


4 chained ropes 4 white pillars 4 columns of scaffolding

Cesta Dorrado

Three round empty tables, left Three empty chairs, right Three seated bar huggers Three moving figures

Friday’s Alive

1 Dollar Beer Available From 6.30pm to 9.30pm 4 coffee pots filled 4 filters Black plastic, three pourers Fanned segments, three tilting. What’s Life without Chilli

Chalk Cross

We’re Missing Will you help us? 3 columns of 3 faces In 3 rows 4 painted panels 4 hinge fixes


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